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Peja Immobilien is proud to be a dedicated heritage investor and developer. We strive to give a new, sustainable life to historic locations and properties.


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Project: Eisenbahnbrücke Dömitz , Langenberg, Deutschland.

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Preservation and renovation of the historic railway bridge over the Elbe near Domitz.

The municipality of Elbaue and Peja have drawn up a joint concept for the renovation and accessibility of the historic railway bridge.

Bridgehead restored according to monument regulations.

Design for accessibility of the arch bridge.

Commemorative plaque for the construction of the bridge.

Dr. Bienemann MBA, client, architect Pohlmann and the mayor of Dömitz on the occasion of handing over the reproduction of a commemorative plaque for the construction of the bridge.

The original was erected in 1875. (Now exhibited in the Domitz Fortress Museum)


Elbbrücke Dömitz

The Dömitz Railway Bridge is a partially complete railway bridge over the Elbe River near the town of Dömitz, Germany. As constructed, it had a length of 1,000 metres and was the longest railway bridge in Germany at that time (in 1873).

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Checkpoint Bravo

The checkpoint was the nearest motorway border crossing point to the Helmstedt–Marienborn border crossing (“Checkpoint Alpha”) on the border of West Germany, making it part of the shortest highway transit route between West Germany and West Berlin.
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Author: Andre_de

Kraftwerk Vogelsang

The ‘Vogelsang’ is a unitary power plant that was built towards the end of the Second World War. The facade with the two chimneys, each 100 m high, has been preserved.
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Water tower Eisenhuttenstadt

The Iconic Water Tower in Eisenmattenstadt is one of the last existing water pressure towers from the beginning of the last century.


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